Five Reasons SmartMat Will Revolutionize Your Practice

Lists are good. They bring clarity and focus, and in this case, they help us hone in on the compelling reasons why SmartMat will take your practice to the next level.  Check it out.
BETTER ALIGNMENT. Scientific studies have shown that Yoga styles with heavy emphasis on alignment like Iyengar Yoga can actually help reduce symptoms of chronic pain and prevent further injury. With SmartMat, one has a whole new level of alignment metrics that no teacher could ever provide. Namely, you are given very specific feedback with great precision on things like your weight distribution and micro-points of balance that help you refine your positioning and energetic holding. With SmartMat’s help, you can more accurately establish equilibrium and achieve your “Perfect Pose.” Especially for long-time practicing yogis, this added support in refinement can be a game-changer and keep your practice from getting stale and predictable.  

PROPER BALANCE. Did you know that in a pose like Chair pose, the distribution of weight in your feet can greatly affect your ability to strengthen the legs; lift through the lower abs; and help you hit your optimum position? But how do you know when you’ve hit your ideal weight distribution? With SmartMat you can measure precisely how much weight is where – in your feet, hands, or any other part of you that’s touching the mat. With this precise feedback, you are given a new lens through which to see and experience your practice. In a way, SmartMat sees your body from the inside out and can give you a perspective on your alignment and abilities that you never thought of before. It encourages self-discovery, and as your practice evolves, so will the feedback. SmartMat learns and grows with you, always keeping things fresh and relevant – and always keeping you at the pinnacle of your practice.
TIME FOR BREATHING. Often enough in a Yoga class, it seems like you just hit the right alignment, and then you’re being shuffled off to the next posture. With SmartMat’s “Perfect Pose” timeframe, you have a built-in time to just focus on the breath as you hold your optimal alignment. During this time,  you are re-oriented to think about your practice from a very internal standpoint of awareness and develop a more deliberate relationship with yourself. When you can tune out the distractions and focus just on YOU in the present moment, your practice accomplishes a whole other level of depth and wisdom.

MEASURED ACCOUNTABILITY. Sure, everyone wants to bring their “A” game to the mat. But after you’ve done your thousandth downward dog, how do you keep the practice fresh? How do you keep coming to the mat with a curious, inquiring mind that’s readily engaged? And how do you accurately track your improvement? In addition to helping you make your practice more precise, SmartMat also measures your time on the mat, and your overall improvement in the poses.  For instance, you can see that a month ago, you were doing Downward Dog with 69% precision,  but in the last 30 days you have improved to 89% precision and can lock into your “Perfect Pose” in less time.   As creatures of habit, the longer we practice, the easier it is for us to fall into routine and “check out.” With the personalized tracking of SmartMat, you’ll avoid this common pitfall and stay true to a practice of presence, discipline, and commitment.  
UNLOCK NEW ARENAS OF PRACTICE.  Most of us don’t realize it, but we have this well of untapped potential within us. Whether it’s the fact that most of us are using only about 11% of our brain power, or our tendency to shy away from taking each pose we do to its next edge of growth, the reality is that most of us don’t naturally go towards unleashing that potential within unless we are given a little nudge. SmartMat is that nudge. With the SmartMat Marketplace, you will be able to explore numerous different styles of Yoga, teachers, and practice sequences (like Core Strengthening Yoga for Athletes; Evening Hatha Flow for Calming; or the Open Your Heart Backbending Series to name a few); all the while receiving customized and personalized feedback to your body and your needs. It helps you unlock the alignment mysteries in your body that not only lead to your “Perfect Pose” but also lead to the positive experience of bringing more of YOU to the here and now. With each breath, there is an opportunity to evolve. Each moment on this earth is another opportunity to grow. But it requires us to constantly return back to the ground of possibility that lies within us. And at least within your Yoga practice, you can get to the place of potential more easily with SmartMat’s help.
List complete. At least for now. We have a feeling that SmartMat’s going to keep taking us to that next edge of possibility in our practice and beyond, and we’ve only just begun.

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