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SmartMat named the “standout product” of CES 2015

Wow, what a week! We just wrapped up exhibiting at CES 2015 – the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was the first time that we unveiled SmartMat to the public, with live demos of SmartMat in action throughout the 4 day event by our wonderful lead Yoga consultant, Amy Lombardo.
And the response to SmartMat was phenomenal.
Not only was SmartMat described as a “standout product” of CES 2015 by VentureBeat and Wired, SmartMat was sought out and filmed by a ton of news crews – including the BBC, CNN, Fox News, plus major French and German TV stations. Another highlight was being nominated as a finalist for the Bluetooth Innovation Awards, we’ll find out if SmartMat is a winner for that soon!
Here’s just a snippet of the buzz that SmartMat received…


” It was always going to be the case that wearable technology would be big at CES this year, but when hit the show floor in Vegas, we found some fascinating new devices in the health and fitness categories that offered unique takes on what defines wearables as a category.

Similarly, we discovered some health and fitness products out there that weren’t wearable and went beyond activity tracking to enhance our ability to take better care of and have better control over our bodies.


…The SmartMat is more than just a yoga mat — it also acts as a yoga coach. Prop up your iPad in the mat’s dock and thanks to a subscription model you’ll have access to yoga classes that will not only provide you with tuition, but advice thanks to a layer of sensors inside the mat. These sensors will detect your balance and alignment in over 60 different poses and give you real-time feedback on how you can improve. ” Full article at






LAS VEGAS — ” Saying that health and fitness wearables and apps are big at the 2015 International CES is sounding like a bit of an understatement. A huge part of the Sands Expo center floor is entirely dedicated to the technology. Contrast that with just a few years ago, when the health wearables section could have fit inside a large suite in Bally’s, as Fitbit CEO James Park pointed out.


Stand-out product: The people from SmartMat were here showing off their $297 intelligent yoga mat (on pre-order now). A number of sensors in the mat detect the user’s position and offers advice on how to do poses correctly. It also detects biometrics data and displays it all on a tablet, which fits into the mat in front of the user. ” Full article at





LAS VEGAS (MarketWatch) — “Fit bands have inundated the consumer market and the annual Consumer Electronics Show over the last few years. But these five technologies — all set to hit the market in 2015 — offer their own unique ways to improve overall health.
By aiming to get to the root of a sport, such as golf and yoga, or a bad habit (such as sitting too long at work, not eating a healthy diet or smoking), these products aim to shake up the health-tech market.
…SmartMat. This in-home interactive yoga mat tracks your yoga moves via sensors on the mat and aims to improve and guide your practice. The map is programmed to understand 62 yoga poses… It can provide users with real-time feedback regarding their poses and provide a scorecard to help them keep track of their progress. “Full article at


” The main CES expo hall opens to the public on Tuesday morning, complete with its acre-sized booths, huge LCD displays, and all the pomp and eye-candy of a proper Las Vegas production. The evening before the main event kicks off, however, the members of the press get one last chance to preview some of gadgetdom’s choicest selections.
We poked around, and of course we saw a hefty crop of health-related gadgets—one of the biggest trends at the show this year. Standouts include a lighter that counts your cigarette intake, a handheld cube that assesses the health of your skin, and a sensor-laden yoga mat that guides you toward better pose positions.
…SmartMat. If you want to bypass the years of dedication and practice you need to become a master yogi, you’re out of luck. But SmartMat could at least help speed up the process. SmartMat, which should ship in September, first ascertains your measurements, flexibility, and abilities. From there, it offer guidance on your position as you move through the poses. It has different modes for when you’re at home or in a class. ” Full article at




There’s no shortage of companies showcasing fitness and exercise technology at this week’s CES 2015 consumer electronics show. But much of the so-called “new” tech is just rehash of stuff we’ve seen before. No sot with the new SmartMat – it’s the first intelligent yoga mat with a companion app to coach you through individual exercises and correct your positioning.
…When it comes to my own fitness, I prefer to go it on my own. I love working out and going to the gym (no, really), and I love improving my flexibility through stretching and yoga-type exercises. I just don’t like doing it in front of a group of strangers as part of a larger by-appointment fitness class. The SmartMat is a great way to give yoga exercises a try on your own schedule without fear of looking silly because you’re doing it wrong. I’m really excited to see how fine-tuned the tech gets by the time it finally ships to customers. ” Full article at




“We scour Las Vegas to find the best sports tech for the year ahead.

Forget the connected home and the connected car, this year is all about the connected human and right at the heart of this tech revolution is a gym bag full of fitness wearables that want to make you, yes you, a better human being…

Your downward dogging might never be the same if the SmartMat has anything to do with it. Due to ship in September [editors note: July] this year, this innovative yoga mat wants to be your very own portable yoga instructor.


…We’ve not had the chance to try out our lotus on this but if it’s genuinely responsive then this could be a big hit. Getting better at yoga requires consistent practice and having useful guidance from the comfort of your own home should have great appeal for the millions of wannabe yogis out there. Genuinely useful.” Full article at





LAS VEGAS — ” Yoga isn’t easy. The best way to practice and improve is obviously taking classes at a studio, or even working with an instructor one-on-one. But that isn’t practical for a lot of people, so we have apps, DVDs, and streaming classes through YogaGlo. Now a new sensor-packed yoga mat called SmartMat can provide real-time coaching and personalized stats and routines with the help of a mobile app.

The SmartMat has 21,000 piezoelectric sensors spanning the entire length of the yoga mat. It pairs to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth, and there’s even a slot at the top of the mat that acts as a stand for your device. It charges with regular USB, with each charge lasting about 6 hours, enough for a few sessions—unless you’re a marathon yoga nut. But otherwise, the latex-free mat looks and feels just like a standard yoga mat, and even rolls up.
…Without having tested it yet, I was immediately struck by how nice the app looks, as well as its method of helping you progress when you’re ready, not on a set schedule. This personalized feedback can hopefully help you avoid injury while you improve. The app can even support up to four users, if you have a yoga-loving roommate and you don’t mind sharing. As a yoga novice who can only make it to real classes on weekends, I can’t wait to try it out. ” Full article at




” A high-tech yoga mat will soon hit sales floors — and to say it will be useful might not be a total stretch.
The $299 [editor’s note: $297] SmartMat is equipped with sensors that monitor and analyze your poses and balance. The accompanying app, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet that can be mounted at the front of the mat, acts as a coach.
“I can’t think of a possible future where there’s not a yoga mat that actually goes and guides and instructs you,” Neyma Jahan, SmartMat’s chief yogi, told CNBC. ” Full article at


” Sports and fitness is firmly on the wearable agenda, with plenty of new innovative devices launching over the past year. Well, 2015 has a lot in store for those wanting to track, trace and monitor their fitness.
From smarter headphones, to smart fabrics, to sportswatches that are getting smarter all the time, there’s no shortages of choices coming your way. We’ve only just entered the new year, but here’s a round-up of some of the great products that you can look forward to in 2015.
… SmartMat is a portable yoga mat that will help you track, improve and perfect yoga practice by learning your position and suggesting ways to improve. The idea is to help you in achieving a “Perfect Pose” and it will guide you through your smartphone or tablet.
There is an In-Class Assist and In-Home Private mode, which means you’ll be able to do yoga in the comfort of your own living room rather than have to attend a class or hire an instructor. The SmartMat essentially turns your smart device into the yoga teacher, but it offers a more personal approach by letting you know when you need to improve a position and it will also score you at the end of your session. ” Full article at


10. CNBC



11. PC World

” …There’s so much technology on display at the spectacle known as the Consumer Electronics Show that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all. A lot of it is crap; a lot of it is eh, okay, decent. But if you dig deep enough, for long enough, there are shining gems to be found amid the halls filled with ho-hum hardware.
Our editors staked out the sprawling show floor for days to find the very best CES had to offer. This is the technology that impressed us the most.
SmartMat. My local yoga studio is great, but the only classes that fit with my schedule are on the weekends, so I’m really stoked about SmartMat. It’s got 21,000 piezoelectric sensors embedded in it, and connects with Bluetooth to a really lovely IOS and Android app.
A six-step calibration process helps the app learn your height, weight and the length of your limbs, and after that the sensors can tell if you’re doing each pose correctly, and the app gives you real time feedback, while also tracking your progress over time. This will help you continually improve, as well as prevent injury, when you can’t have a real instructor helping you out. ” Full article at
And it wasn’t just the media that was raving about SmartMat. We lost count of the number of attendees who came to our booth and said SmartMat is the best thing they’ve seen all throughout the event… it was a humbling and gratitude filled 4 days. We’re so thankful to be making such an impact in the yoga community and fitness-tech space. Your support means the world to us!
Thank you to everyone who Tweeted about us, and an especially big thanks to those of you who already pre-ordered and came to check out what you’ll soon be receiving in person.


Overall, a very successful CES 2015 for SmartMat! Thank you everyone for your support, we’re excited to be bringing SmartMat into the market and into your homes this year. Stay tuned for the next milestone!


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